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Terms and Conditions for authors

We know you want to earn from your digital assets appropriately. So we designed with the goal of making it really easy for you to do the right thing.

All authors must agree to this terms before proceeding.

1. and it's users has the unrestricted right to use my photograph my films or artworks to the extent permitted by law, using any technology or media including but not limited to digital, electronic, print, television and film media now known or to be invented (Media);

3. and it's users may produce my art, photograph or film (Image) of my Media, throughout the world;

4. my photograph my films or artworks may be edited, stored, copies made of and reused at the sole discretion of and it's users;

5. my photograph my films or artworks may portray my age, sex, ethnicity and other physical attributes (Attributes) in its original form or edited form;

6. the Attributes may be blurred or distorted or altered in any manner and I waive any right to inspect or approve the intermediary product or the finished product;

7. I release and it's users from any claim by me or anyone else arising out of use of my photograph my films or artworks;

8. my Image may be published or distributed by and it's users, using my Media throughout the world on any website or in any publication, video or film, for commercial or non commercial purposes, without restriction (to the extent permitted by law), as an intermediary product or a finished product. For the avoidance of doubt may make the Image available for resale to third parties for the reproduction and/or distribution by that third party in any medium throughout the world;

9. and it's users is not obliged to include my photograph my films or artworks in any website, publication, video or film or for any other commercial or non commercial purpose;

10. other than the publicity I may receive if and it's users use my Image, no further consideration is due to me other than my total earnings from my sale in;

11. this release is irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual, and will be governed by the law in the Philippines;

12. I have read the above release and fully understand the contents and consequences of such release and that it shall be binding upon me, my heirs, my legal representatives and my assigns and I willingly sign this release; and

13. I am over the age of eighteen (18) years and hereby warrant that I accept this terms without breach of any prior agreements or applicable law including but not limited to prior agreements with other stock photography sites or or any other person, company or entity.

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We are, a stock photography website specifically made to cater the need of Philippine stock media contents.

Earn with your photos, video and artworks. is a community based stock photography website, contribute for it's growth, or support our local photographers, videographers and artists.

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