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How our Revenue Rates Work For Authors

Understanding payouts and receiving your earnings

Other Royalty-free Stock Photography Websites

iStockPhoto (owned by Getty Images)

Images licensed through receive a royalty rate of 15%—or up to 45% for exclusive contributions. Buyers on iStock pay considerably less for images, where photos are sold both through subscription and credit plans. The average price buyers pay for images ranges between $8.67 to $33 per photo. At a 15% royalty rate, that means that photographers are paid between $1.30 and $4.95 for each photo downloaded.


How you’ll be paid by Shutterstock as a contributor is tied to a number of factors, including image size, the type of license purchased, and whether the buyer was using a prepaid image pack plan or an annual subscription plan. On average, you will earn between 25 cents to $2.85 per image purchased. The more your lifetime earnings with Shutterstock grow, the more you’ll earn per image download.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements offers customers an unlimited subscription to access its assets. Buyers subscribe to Envato Elements at a cost of $10.75 to $16.50 per month per member. Photographers and other creative asset contributors are paid 50% of the net subscription revenue that’s calculated based on Envato’s share model. On average, you will earn between $2 for a content worth $29. is an author-centric stock media website. A community for artists built by artists.

Author rates for are pretty much straightforward. We give authors 70% revenue rate of the total price of an item. Yes, 70% with no strings attached!

There are two types of licenses/releases at; Editorial Use Only and Editorial and Commercial Use. Which we label when you submit your stock media. A Commercial Use is labeled on your submission if you have the proper document releases.

Sample rates for given situations are as follows:

Editorial Use Only – ₱ 1,200

You get 70% which translates to ₱ 840.00

Editorial and Commercial Use – ₱ 1,900.00

You get 70% which translates to ₱ 1,330.00

Editorial Use Only – ₱ 2,300.00

You get 70% which translates to ₱ 1,610.00

Editorial and Commercial Use – ₱ 3,400.00

You get 70% which translates to ₱ 2,380.00

Editorial Use Only – ₱ 960.00

You get 70% which translates to ₱ 672.00

Editorial and Commercial Use – ₱ 1,600.00

You get 70% which translates to ₱ 1,120.00

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